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Water joins Art!

Unique Holiday Packages for the Milano Expo 2015

The art of travelling is best achieved when the visitor knows about where he is going, the territory he will find and the culture of the place. With this in mind about ten years ago Bi Booking Tour Operator was founded; in the light of the event of Expo 2015 Bi Booking has gathered together a host of information about the territory, every single detail available about the accommodation structures, all the possible types of integrated services that the regions of Veneto, Lombardy and in general the northern part of Italy can currently offer to such a variegated public of the sort that will be interested in this important upcoming world event. Every businessman, every company, professional or otherwise, will have different needs in terms of time-frames, methods, focus and opportunities, and that is where the selected and highly qualified staff of Bi Booking T.O. will come in, interpreting every necessity and need of the Client and providing sojourns integrated with business /events /entertainment/congresses/incentives/art and much more. This is the reason why we often define this ‘Tourism-Diversity’ because only by enhancing the single and multiple potentialities of a territory can we offer our country to the world, by tailoring custom-made offers of accommodation, services and above all quality to guarantee full satisfaction on the part of the guest during his/her stay in such a wonderful country as Italy that is rich in resources.

“Water joins Art” is the name of the project realized for the Milano Expo 2015 and it will take care of all the aspects of this concept, down to the last detail. Water was the first element that brought different peoples together, without which life could not have developed, and Art constitutes its most elevated expression. In this encounter of the elements, we shall offer visitors the experience of unique emotions while competently providing resources in wonderful cities such as Venice  and in the region of Veneto in its entirety. Visitors have only to think about enjoying their travelling while we shall deal with all the rest. Therefore we created individual holiday packages for the Milano Expo 2015 to meet your personal needs. The theme of Expo 2015 “Nourishing the Planet – Energy for Life” puts the focus on the challenges represented by nourishment, nutrition and sustainable development. Within the main theme, Venice, through the ‘Venice Expo Committee’ has identified WATER as being the sustaining element for participation in the activities of Expo with the aim of transforming the event into an opportunity for growth and development for the whole Venetian territory.

In this context, the “Water joins Art” project was devised by the Gruppo Biasuzzi together with Ville Venete e Castelli

Take a look at our various holiday packages  for your perfect visit of the Milano Expo 2015!


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